"Martha has the expertise and knowledge to empower individuals and their families."

     I have worked as an RN in the Functional Medicine field for several years and have seen firsthand the benefits of Health Coaching. This is an emerging profession and is becoming more and more prominent in settings from doctor's offices to corporations. I have been both a patient and a nurse and having a health advocate and someone to encourage you along the way is essential.

Martha has the expertise and knowledge to empower individuals and their families. She received her training at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), which is the world's most renowned program. By partnering with Martha, I am certain it would help not only educate and empower you on your health journey but teach you how to advocate for yourself when working with healthcare professionals. She is detail oriented, thorough and makes it her personal mission to help encourage, equip and empower anyone she meets when it comes to health and wellness." - Taylor Hohmann RN, BSN

"I would recommend Martha to anyone who is considering making a healthy lifestyle change..."

     "My main goal when I started meeting with Martha for health coaching was to address the severe digestive problems I had been experiencing for a decade. I have always been hesitant to take a step intros direction because it seemed like there was too much info to absorb, and I was intimidated by the changes I might have to make. Martha completely changed my outlook on healthy living by approaching my goals in a holistic way. She took the time to learn about my health history, my overall goals for the future, and what changes would be sustainable for me to make. The most significant overlap change I have notices has been a dramatic improvement in my digestive issues and the way my body feels throughout the day, especially after eating. I would recommend to anyone who is considering making a healthy lifestyle change- whether that's feeling better, looking better, or learning how to make long-term positive changes for your health."  -Erica

"Martha's all-encompassing view toward health was  a game-changer..."

     "For almost two years following a traumatic accident, I had an incredibly difficult time sleeping. This lack of sleep affected every aspect of my health - physical and emotional. When I signed on to work with Martha as a health coach, I was hopeful that she would be able to help, but was skeptical because nothing had seemed to work in the past. Martha's all-encompassing view towards health was a game changer. She addressed emotional and physical aspects of my health, made practical recommendations and followed up diligently to make changes accordingly. Her expertise in looking at health from a holistic view literally change my life. I am healthy, I feel exceptionally better (both physically and emotionally), and I am confident in how to move forward with a health lifestyle." -Joe

"When Martha offered her 5 day cleanse I knew that was just what I needed!"  

     "After being a couch potato for two solid months because of some minor surgeries, I slipped into some bad eating habits. When Martha offered her 5 day cleanse I knew that was just what I needed!  5 days, who couldn't do that?  I followed Martha's tips and her daily e-mails. The things I incorporated into my diet (or left out) were easy, and there were a lot of choices so I didn't feel hungry.  I stopped eating dairy and that alone has been a huge help with allergies/congestion.

Also, added some supplements that Martha suggested and haven't felt this good in a while.  Thank you Martha!" - Susie