I think I should start with GLUTEN since that’s what really brought us here. Lots of misconceptions about gluten:

1) Yes, for some it’s a fad or just a personal choice…good for them! It’s smart to watch how much gluten you eat. It’s a huge source of gut inflammation for a lot of people. It may or may not be manifesting in other ways right now. Do you have allergies? IBS? Joint pain? Could be from gluten. Our bodies can’t fight everything all the time. And there are well over 80 different autoimmune diseases! 

2) “If I just cut out bread and pasta, then I’m GF.” AND most salad dressings, sauces, soups, desserts, cereals, cosmetics…. We even had to switch detergent and shampoo! It’s used in so much of what we consume, either by ingesting or applying topically. (Remember that whatever you put on your skin goes right into your body!) Bummer, huh? If only we could just cut down on bread and pasta.

3) “I can cut it out for a little while, then eat it again.” If you truly have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance, you might need to think about changing your diet. You may find that some things affect you more than others. You know that bloated feeling you get sometimes after a meal? Probably gluten. You might be surprised that if you cut it out for a while, you won’t feel that way anymore. Not saying eliminating gluten is for everyone but it sure changed our lives.