What is a Gluten?


You might have heard other misconceptions about gluten but you really don’t know enough to know if they are actually true. So here’s the skinny on gluten. Read on to find out what it is and what it does to your gut. This post may be a bit longer than most in order to explain! Don’t grow weary!

Gluten is a protein. So is casein, which is found in dairy. As mentioned before, some people that are sensitive to gluten are also sensitive to dairy. Isn’t really fair to take away all those foods but sometimes you have to, as in our case.

Gluten means “glue”. It’s found in many grains, like wheat, barley and rye. Once you’ve had GF bread, you realize it’s what makes it fluffy and light. But it’s also used in everything from soup to salad dressings to processed foods to medicines and cosmetics, as a stabilizer.

One question I get a lot… why is gluten a thing now? Well, thanks to the way we grow produce these days with all the GMOs and pesticides and way things are processed, a lot of people are unable to tolerate it. If you have a sensitivity, this is what happens, in a way that I can understand. (Remember I’m not a doctor!) Your gut sees gluten as an enemy that doesn’t belong so it produces antibodies to attack it. If you are celiac, then it also attacks the enzyme that’s supposed to be breaking down the gluten. So there’s a lot going on. The immune system, which fights off invaders, is confused. Your own tissue can get caught up in the fight and it begins to fight itself. It can affect your brain, joints, skin, gut or organs.

Is a little cheat every now and then okay? Nope, it can wreak havoc on your system and it may take a while to get back to “normal” once you’ve been “glutenated”.

How can you treat it? One way----no gluten!

Can you outgrow it? Nope, it’s there for life.

Is it an allergy? No, it’s a disease. Just like someone with diabetes has to watch sugar and insulin, a celiac has to watch gluten.

Does it matter if it’s a pizza or pasta or doughnut? Unfortunately, all the same!

Do you automatically feel better? You might see a difference pretty quickly. Jimmy and Harrison saw a big difference within a month or so. But it can take a while to heal your gut, with the help of diet and supplements. It’s a HUGE life change and it takes a lot of researching and asking questions. Eating out can be difficult at best. I’m going to post recipes every week or so to help you see that you can prepare delicious meals and sweets (without a lot of sugar…I’ll tackle that one soon!).