A Remedy For Headaches, Backaches and Other Aches

Have you ever gone to a chiropractor? Or are you a little bit afraid of going to one? YES to both! I have been to very good ones in the past but I just cannot work through the whole manipulation and cracking thing. I know they prefer to use “adjusting” but when I can hear the “adjustment," it’s cracking to me. I have a very hard time relaxing, knowing that it’s coming.

I've had headaches for years back as far as I can remember. Maybe one or two a week. Not debilitating but definitely would interfere with my day. I could take two Advil and it would be gone quickly but I soooo hated taking Advil weekly. But if I didn’t take it, it was just going to get worse. I didn’t know if they were stress related or physiological or caused by something else. A few years ago, I was talking to a neurosurgeon and he said something that hit me upside the head. “Headaches are not normal.” He said he and his kids never get headaches. How can that be? Not sure why I wasn’t one of those but apparently, I am not normal.

 Recently, in a conversation with our functional internist in Austin, I asked her if she knew of a good chiropractor for headaches. Enter BackNBalance and a procedure they call NUCCA.  The first appointment consisted of an in-depth medical history, x-rays and tests, and what they would call "adjustments" but nothing like the traditional kind. The follow-up appointments are quick adjustments to make sure you are “holding the correction." They treat lots of people with headaches, TMJ, blood pressure issues, shoulder pain, knee problems and so much more! Come to find out there are so many things related to misalignment.

So I started going 8 months ago and I have only had a handful of  headaches since then but they weren't related to my alignment. I don't even have to make sure I have Advil with me all the time now! So headaches AREN'T normal but they are very common. My son, Harrison, is also going, but for back problems that started with high school football. He’s been to all kinds of back specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, pain management doctors, acupuncturists … you name it, we tried it. And then some! Lots of those have helped a little but not really eased the pain. So he was a little suspect of trying a new one but he did. When he started, the doctor said his case was definitely fixable but very involved. So over the last 8 months, he has been getting adjusted and various problems (like ribs that just won’t stay in place) are being addressed. He still has some trouble with his ribs staying in place but overall, there's been great improvement in his posture and the way he feels. His back does not hurt on a daily basis like it used to. He can already see a big difference and it has been worth the weekly, now once every two months,  trips to Austin for a 15 minute adjustment.

NUCCA is the name of the procedure. It stands for National Upper Cervical Correction Association. Everything they do stems from measurements and x-rays, determining if your spine is misaligned. The focus is on the head and neck and getting the atlas and axis back in alignment. There are so many ways your spine can become misaligned,  something as simple as tripping or as traumatic as a car wreck. I had no idea mine was out of whack and do not know what caused it. The correction is done with minimal pressure (as in you don’t even know you’re getting a correction!) The goal is to get you to hold your correction, eventually not needing any correction. So we are big fans and walking testimonies! Check it out! There are not many clinics that provide the NUCCA treatment but it is so worth it if it is available to you. Go to www.nucca.org to find a practitioner near you!