How Can Dry Brushing Help You Detox?

Flashback to junior school health class…. What is your body’s biggest organ? Yep, the skin. It covers a pretty significant surface area. On the average person, the skin covers about 20 square feet.

Besides the obvious role of protecting our bodies, what does the skin do? It’s actually got some pretty important jobs.
Like what and how does dry brushing help?

*Dry brushing helps unclog pores and helps eliminate toxins that get trapped beneath the skin. Keeping your pores open will allow your skin to breathe more easily, sweat when it needs to and purge the bad stuff. That takes some of the burden off the liver and kidneys. One-third of our bodies toxins are excreted through the skin.  Are the products you're putting on every day closing up the pores and keeping them from doing their job? (Also, are those same products-some with toxic chemicals- that your body is absorbing taxing your organs? More on that later!)

*Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system. You have to keep moving the “trash” your body needs to eliminate.  The more you can increase circulation, the better and more effective you're able to keep things clean.

*The skin is made up of glands and cells that serve as protection and help regulate the body temperature and is constantly sending your brain nerve messages.  Dry brushing helps keep the skin in optimum condition to be able to carry out those jobs.

*Another function of the skin it to produce antibacterial protection from infection that we are exposed to constantly and to help you absorb Vitamin D when exposed to the sun. (The more of your skin that can be exposed to the sun every day, for short periods of time, without sunscreen, the more Vitamin D you will absorb!)

*And what about cellulite? Cellulite is stored in the subcutaneous level right under the skin.  Dry brushing will stimulate circulation and start to move those toxins and reduce cellulite. I have found a product that I like to put on every day in addition to the dry brushing, called Cel-Lite. It’s a Young Living product, made up of a blend of essential oils, that helps eliminate toxins that accumulate in fat cells, causing the cellulite.  (Let me know if you want to try this!)

Where do I get a brush?

First, get yourself a good brush. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon, or other stores that sell similar products. I like using one with a long handle. I have a small one that I use on my face. 

Bed Bath & Beyond dry brush
How do I do this?

Once a day, at least several times a week, either before you shower, bathe or work out, take a minute or two to dry brush. It should take you from one to three minutes so it’s not a timely addition to your routine! Maybe once a week, take a little more time and be more thorough. 

Start at the feet and work your way up, always brushing toward the heart. This will prevent putting pressure on the valves within the veins and lymph vessels and prevent varicose veins. Be sure you get your hands and bottoms of your feet. Lymph nodes are everywhere and you want to stimulate the whole lymphatic system. Pay particular attention to the obvious areas…underarms, neck, etc. It should not hurt and the skin should just be pink, not red or irritated.  

The simple habit of skin brushing reduces cellulite, detoxifies for beautiful skin and many other health and beauty benefits. You're eliminating millions of dead skin cells, allowing the skin to do its job of elimination more efficiently. 

If you want a little tutorial, here’s a link to watch. She takes a lot more time than you need to every time but maybe for an occasional intense session! It just gives you a guide on how to do it!

YouTube tutorial for dry brushing