The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Do you remember several years back when that man was in the news because he was turning blue? And they linked it to colloidal silver? Well, the guy’s name is Paul Karason, aka “Papa Smurf” and he turned blue because he was making what he thought was colloidal silver but instead it was a highly concentrated ionic silver solution. It definitely turned him a shade of blue-gray, which is a skin condition called argyria. And because of that publicity, colloidal silver got a bad rap. 

Here’s the background of this age-old medicine. Back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, colloidal silver compounds were widely used to fight infections. Then modern day antibiotics came into the picture and the silver was cast aside.

Why would that happen if it still worked? Good question! There is no benefit to the pharmaceutical companies to have a competition for patented drugs, especially natural alternatives. That could be a reason why the FDA won’t approve the silver. Even with lots of studies and evidence that is actually does still work!

It is the world’s oldest known antibiotic. Our forefathers used it many moons ago. The Ancient Egyptians used it. The Greeks and Romans used silver vessels to store their water, wine and other liquids to prevent spoilage and contamination. Wealthy Europeans used silver to eat with to protect themselves from illness. That’s where “Silverware” came from. Even today, it is used to treat water and purify air. Doctors also use it in medical dressing for burn victims to prevent infections.

Why is it so good? Because germs can’t form a resistance to it! Seems like we should be using it, huh? Well, we have been. This past year, my youngest, Sam, called a few days before spring break (and his birthday!) saying that he had pink eye. They were coming off a two-week run of SING, which for non-Baylor people, is a highly competitive song and dance, Broadway style performance between all the fraternities and sororities. Never thinking I would need to tell my son not to share make-up, the cosmetics were passed around, as was the pink eye. We will know better next year! So in a state of desperation, he called to find out what he could do that would work fast. Not knowing anything about natural pink eye options, we both started researching it and he found that colloidal silver works wonders for it. I told him to try it and sent him off to pick some up. He used a few drops that day and when he woke up the next morning, it was gone. He used it a little while longer just to make sure. But it worked and fast! 


Baylor Sing 2016

I happened to be suffering from a cough I couldn’t shake so he told me to look into using the silver for that. I ran out to Whole Foods to get some ASAP. I started by putting a dropper-full under my tongue several times a day (it looks like water and has no taste). I also put a few drops in my steam inhaler (you could do this with boiling water and make a tent) and would do that 2-3 times a day. In a couple of days, my cough was remarkably better. I kept doing it for a few days and completely got rid of it. No antibiotics, no cough medicine. Just age-old colloidal silver. Now I want to know what else it will work on! Any success stories? The brand we used is Sovereign Silver, available at Whole Foods, Amazon and other drugstores.