Do You Have Some Digestion Drama?

If you've ever eaten a little more than you should've or maybe something that didn't agree with you, this is the perfect oil for you.  Digize is a Young Living blend with ginger, fennel, anise, peppermint, tarragon, lemongrass, patchouli and juniper.  I don't have a lot of stomach issues but so many people do. I feel like I use this one frequently on people around me. My son has occasional acid reflux so he will put a drop on his throat/chest area to support his digestive system. You can also put a drop of the Digize Vitality on the tongue. Warning about the's kinda like licorice. Some love it and some..not so much! But if it works, why not, right? If you don't like the taste, chase it with a drop of peppermint, which is also a great oil to support digestion. Try it  for morning sickness, car sickness or anything gastro related. Might be a great thing to try for the first day of school for little ones (and moms!!!). You can use it with every meal or add a drop to your water (especially if traveling abroad!).

Bonus: We recently realized it can also be used for seasonal support. Try a drop under the nose when the seasons change!

Let's talk about enzymes. Our bodies do not absorb food, instead, it absorbs the nutrients in our food. Digestive enzymes play a critical role in breaking down our food so our bodies can absorb the nutrients from our diet. If our food is not broken down correctly, we could be eating a very healthy diet and still be missing out on many nutrients a healthy diet offers. BUMMER!  Every single person is born with different digestive enzymes, and on the flip side, everyone is born with different enzyme needs.  

Essentialzymes 4 is a Young Living product that combines 4 previous digestive enzyme products into one. This product supports the breakdown of fats, carbs, proteins, and fiber, all in one supplement. It supplements our bodies with a wide variety of digestive enzymes. It come packaged with two different capsules, a natural-colored capsule and a yellow capsule. The yellow capsule is an immediate release and disintegrates within 20 minutes of entering the stomach. This capsule will aide in the breakdown of food in our stomach. The natural-colored capsule is a delayed release and disintegrates in the small intestine. This capsule was designed to support the breakdown of food in our intestine. Because of the two different capsules, you have support in TWO digestive organs instead of just one. 

What is also impressive about this product is that it contains essential oils! Ginger, Fennel, Tarragon, Anise, and Lemongrass can all be found in each capsule of Essentialzymes 4! Being infused with essential oils makes it bio-available so our bodies can actually absorb it and use it! 

This product is meant to be taken with your two largest meals. It's recommended taking it within 15 minutes before or after these two meals. The two capsules (one yellow, one natural-colored) come packaged together in perforated sections for easy on-the-go travel packs.